Hello everyone. My name is Dark Machine and this is my blog. I’m not really sure what I should type on here but I wanted to get started. Please be kind to me, or at least constructive.

Well…I wanted to share something with you all about me so here’s a nice picture that I found recently when I was going through my computer folders.

This is a picture I took on my first visit to Japan. Where I now live.

Osaki Station 2009 night.
Osaki Station 2009 night.

This was on the final night of my trip. I had visited this station so many times in my 7 days there. Always jammed full, always hurrying to get somewhere else. It was somehow nice just to come, stop and stare. I remember there were few sounds then, just the quiet of the night and the slight buzz of the lights and mosquitoes. It really was a magical time to be there. Maybe I’ll tell you all about what I did there later on. For now, I’ll sign off for dinner.